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We are about to see the very first action of spring training, a time that has most of us baseball fans tuning into box scores, articles, and news feeds in order to get the utmost information about our favorite teams and players. On that note, Jared and I are fully aware that our hectic schedules (yes, we do have demands outside of Jays Journal!!) and our expectations to grow the site sometimes strain what free time we have left to the limit. Simultaneously, I recognize the fact that presenting statistics coverage is something that takes a lot of time and effort to build, and that few have a deep understanding of all statistical categories.

Therefore, I am looking for someone who can, and most importantly wants, to write a periodic article that would be solely based on the statistical side of Jays coverage (both minors and majors). Everything from updating minors performances to examining the performances of the Jays (and applicable comparisons) would be covered. The timings and releases for each article would depend on that individual’s time constraints, but something in range of a weekly article, or at a minimum one article every 2 weeks, would likely be required.

If you’re interested in getting some experience in writing about this and possibly expanding to other areas in the future, this is a great opportunity for you. It doesn’t pay anything, but it does provide you with writing experience, a platform to start with, and could be the beginnings of a great portfolio of work.

For those who are interested, I’d like a short article explaining WAR (include oWAR and dWAR) to be sent directly to me at [email protected]. I’m hoping to be able to select a winner well before spring training, so please get your articles to me ASAP. Once the individual has been selected, he or she will be notified and presented to Jays Journal when his or her first article is ready to roll off the press!

TammyBeth, if you’re out there, we’re hoping to hear from you and looking forward to hearing from those interested!

- MG

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  • Tod L

    Hello MG,

    I am very interested in the position. Is there a deadline that you need the article by?

    Tod L

    • Mat Germain

      No deadline Tod L, but like I said above, I’d like the position filled before the end of spring training. We’ve already received some good articles, we look forward to adding yours to the bunch!

  • Mylegacy

    Everyone has “wants” – you “Want a statistics Guru – me – I want a scotch – single malt, of course – I think I’ll make it a double.

    Seriously, Mat – you two are doing FANTASTIC stuff. I hope you guys get all the help you need – I know us readers are over the moon satisfied with what you’ve been doing so far.

    • Mat Germain

      Thanks Mylegacy, we do our very best! However, we’re always looking to improve and to go outside the norm if we can, so this is part of that side of JJ.

      As for the Scotch, I’m a Ballantine’s Finest fan, but also like the Glen. One cube!

  • earlweaverfan


    You have to qualify as the off-season acquisition of the year, as far as I am concerned. I have followed every single prospect report, the trade speculation posts, and of course, the speculations about Pujols, Darvish and company.

    In looking for a sabremetrician, I hope you find someone who not only knows their stuff, but more importantly for the rest of us, is able to explain it well to the interested lay person. For each statistical perspective they contribute for you, it would be great if they could spell out what its significance is, answering such questions as:
    1) What that metric demonstrates and what it doesn’t cover
    2) How to contrast it from other statistics that appear to be about the same performance dimension
    3) What debates that statistic is most useful in resolving, and where it merely confuses
    4) What a league average (and in the case of the Jays, a club average) performance would be for that metric, to build understanding about the player in question
    5) The strengths and weaknesses of that statistic, and whether there are better ones
    6) Whether this metric can be heavily skewed by some other factor
    7) Whether this performance varies wildly from year to year, or from one ballpark to another, or…

    So, if you get a writer who can explain maybe fewer statistics, but better, so that I can uncover the relevance of ISO (or SLG, BABIP…) with real insight, I would be most happy to read what (s)he has to say.