Jays Notes: Octavio Dotel, Chad Cordero, HOF, and the Draft Order

As we head towards spring training, with less than 8 weeks to go, here are a few Jays notes and news:

  • I have to ask this of Jays fans, would you rather have Octavio Dotel (37) at a cost of $3.75 million over one year if bought out of his option – $6.5 million if over 2 years, or would you rather have Kevin Gregg (32) for 2 years at a cost of $10 million with a vesting option for a 3rd year that could bring the deal to $16-20 million? My answer would begin with the fact that relievers are a finicky bunch and that any time you can get one the quality of Dotel on a 1 year deal, you’re lowering your risk and exposure a ton. That and it also leaves the door open for a Jonathan Papelbon type addition in 2012. Finally, by letting Gregg walk, the Jays get yet another highly ranked draft pick, so Dotel is not only the cheaper option with more flexibility for 2012, but his acquisition also allows the Jays to continue the building process.
  • The Chad Cordero deal is official and it is a minor league deal as expected.
  • For those who may be unaware, there are 3 ex-Jays that are looking to get into Cooperstown tomorrow. Roberto Alomar should be an automatic entry, while Fred McGriff and Jack Morris may still be on the outside looking in. I have listed 6 players who I want to see make it into the Hall of Fame at some point, but I do believe that this year’s edition may only have 2, or 3 maximum. Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven, and the outside shot of Barry Larkin should be the head of this ballot. However, my heart is still with Tim Raines who I believe also deserves to make it in at some point, as well as Canadian Larry Walker, and  Lee Smith who is only hurt due to his being a reliever.
  • And finally, we have updated the Draft Order for the 2011 draft post Dotel and Gregg signing, so take a peak to see all of those Jays picks!

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  • peteypuck

    The Jays could do worse than with Dotel while they sort out the bullpen for a 2012 run. Dotel is not much of a drop off from Gregg, maybe better. And AA grabs the pick. I like the move.

    • Mat Germain

      Agreed Pete!

  • Jack

    “Finally, by letting Gregg walk, the Jays get yet another highly ranked draft pick, so Dotel is not only the cheaper option with more flexibility for 2012, but his acquisition also allows the Jays to continue the building process.”

    But in your draft pick order, you have us giving up a higher pick for Dotel than we get back for Gregg.

    The Gregg for Dotel swap will come back to bite us I bet…

    • bdk

      the Jays didn’t give up anything. Supplemental picks come from thin air for some free agents leaving. So it would have been either resign Gregg and get no draft pick in the supplemental round or sign Dotel who isn’t that different statistically than Gregg and get a draft pick. To me, they got pretty much the same pitcher for less money and years while also getting a sandwich pick on top of that. Great move by AA.

      • Jack

        Did not know that, thanks for clarifying. Now the move makes a hell of a lot more sense to me…

  • Theo_Adorno

    I have heard a lot of Jays fans gushing over the number of draft picks the ball club has in the 2011 draft. If you really size it up the Jays have the 21st pick overall – which really isn’t all that great. The Deck McGuires’, Travis Sniders’ or (insert hypothetical blue chip prospect) are long off the board by that point.

    I know its a downer but the number of draft picks we have from 20-70 doesn’t really mean too much – it will come down to 80% luck and 20% scouting and development.

    • Aaron Lukianow

      Not exactly, remember some players who are tied to certain agents (say Scott Boras) fall way down the board because clubs know what a pain it will be to sign them. There are also players who were a high pick last year that fall again because of the high price they asked the previous year. I think AA’s will have a good idea of those costs going into the draft and with as many picks by the end of round 2 he can strategize how to get exactly what he wants. AA can also draft an “un-signable” player, and get the same pick next year. Supposedly the 2011 draft is deep, so I believe AA is carefully crafting his list.

      • Mat Germain

        Very well said Aaron, and great point about the ’11 draft being so deep. It really is!

    • Mat Germain

      Thanks for the comment Theo, and you’re right, there’s a lot of luck involved with the draft. However, the higher up in the draft you get the bulk of your picks, the less luck is involved because you’re getting the higher ceiling guys. I will also respond with this:

      LAA OF Mike Trout – arguably the top prospect in the minors right now – was drafted 25th overall.

      So long as you can spot the talent, you get the talent.

      For the later picks, just look at how the Jays nabbed Richard “Dickie” Thon in 2010. Nobody thought he would signed and he was a definite top 2 rd guy if they knew he would. That’s why he cost the Jays $1.5 million.

      Alex has an excellent scouting department built right now, and I have faith that he and Andrew Tinnish will spot some very Mike Trout like players.